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Devenish Bar Loyalty Cards/Promotions

Devenish Bar Loyalty Cards/Promotions

 Tue, 1 Oct 7:25 PM

Back in 2012 the Devenish was the first to introduce a Loyalty Card scheme for its customers. This card allows customers to accumulate points when purchasing certain drinks and then after buying 10 drinks they could cash in their points to get the 11th FREE! This plus regular draws exclusively for the Loyalty Card holders yet again puts the Devenish at the forefront of 'giving something back' to the customers.

The Devenish has also became known for its 'Pop up' promotions - spontanious drink promotions that have no notice before thay happen. Word of these quickly spreads and soon after the bar fills with customers, all taking benefit of the offer.

The '£1 Bergs' was yet another original idea by the Devenish Management. This allows everyone to have a great night out no matter about their budget and along with our very own 'Dev Lager' @£2.00/pint proves we offer the best promotions around.