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About The Devenish Bar, Enniskillen

About The Devenish Bar, Enniskillen

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The Devenish Bar is a well established bar in the centre of Darling Street, Enniskillen.

It has earned a tremendous reputation in the town because of the great attention to detail the staff and owners put in to the running of this very busy business.

Inside the decor is very modern yet still in keeps with the tradition of the Devenish and the town it situates in. Photographs and memorabilia of previous events in the bar and in Enniskillen still maintains the atmosphere to an absolute maximum.

There is a vast selection of drinks to choose from with all leading brands being stocked. There is a wide varierty of specialist beers and ales including Blue Moon, a Belgian style witbier from America and Franciscan Well Rebel Red Ale made in Cork. 

Gastro Pub Food is served daily to 8.30pm and is made with only the freshest,locally sourced ingredients which will keep you more than satisfied to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Sky Sports, BT Sport and ESPN is available across a large array of televisions spread throughout the bar and a large projector descends the pool room for the more important events of the year. All sports are covered for example football, darts, rugby or golf, all to be enjoyed in a special environment.

A new beer garden at the rear of the pub holds it own against the interior decor due to its view Lough Erne. With new renovations, now complete the new castle bar situtated by the beer garden is the perfect environment for a cold brew whilst taking in the picuresque view of river Erne.

There is a pool table ready to be enjoyed any day of the week with a selection of poker and fruit machines in the same room.

A loyalty card is available from the bar and can be used every time a drink is ordered to accumulate points and receive a free drink in due course.

The Devenish Bar offers a unique and traditional experience and is surely not one to be missed.

A Brief History

In 1941 Charlie Burns bough the Devenish Bar from Frank and Peter McKenna. It was on the corner of Castle Street and Darling Street. The purchase price at that time was £1,025.

1941 was a time of mixed fortunes for publicans, on one hand the American soldiers billeted at Castlecoole with money to spend, while on the other hand whiskey was very difficult to come by and in January 1942 Guinness was rationed. Demand exceeded supply. To overcome the problem Charlie purchased the Erne Bar next door thus doubling his quota of rationed drink! On the 1st of September 1944 Charlie bought the 'White Star' Bar in Church Street and by 1949 his brother James had taken over the Devenish Bar.

The Devenish Bar attracted media attention in 1971 with the story of a racing pigeon that lost its way. One newspaper article stated, 'This racing pigeon, tired and wet after losing its way in a rainstorm on a flight from Co Dublin, was on the tight track, when it dropped into a warm snug at James Burns' Devenish Bar. While Mr Burns was pondering the best thing to do, Tommy Mayers, who maintained a miniature zoo at his home in Ballydoolagh, dropped in. He took the pigeon home in an empty whiskey case and soon had it perked up and ready for home. Meanwhile, Mr Mayers obtained the pigeon's number from the ring on its leg and contacted the owner in Ballymena. Arrangements were made and the pigeon was sent home, this time by bus'.

In 1979 the Devenish Bar had to be demolished to make way for the road leading to the new West Bridge. An article in the Fermanagh Herald in 1979 entitled, 'Enniskillen's first ale house', states that John McCabe, a keen researcher from Enniskillen, told the Herald that the earliest ale-house in Enniskillen was on the site of the Devenish Bar. The Herald states that 'An historic landmark in Enniskillen's history will disappear with the demolition of the pub. Progress is sometimes bought at a heavy price. '

In 2010, Martin and Melanie McGovern, two local business people, purchased the Devenish Bar. The pub itself has been completely renovated and have since required two adjoining properties, using one to extend the size of the Devenish Bar and the other to become 'Devenish :Lounge', a wine and cocktail bar with the emphasis on fine cuisine and entertainment.